Saturday, May 30, 2015

Vanity Car License Plates

License Plates

Check what I've found looking for vanity license plates templates. It's a true story:

I heard the following tale on KCBS this morning.  [I intersperse a few
details from the SF Chron, 23 Jun 86.  PGN]

It seems that this fellow [Robert Barbour] desired personalized license
plates for his car.  Since he loved sailing, he applied for ``SAILING'' and
``BOATING'' as his first two choices [seven years ago]. He couldn't think of
a third name of NAUTICAL intent, so he wrote ``NO PLATE'' in as his third

You guessed it. He got ``NO PLATE''.

A week or so later, he received his first parking ticket in the mail.  This
was followed by more and more tickets, from all over the state [2500 in
all!].  It seems that when a police officer writes a parking ticket for a
car with no license plates, he writes ``NO PLATE'' on the ticket.

Our friend took his problem to the DMV, which informed him that he should
change his plates.

The DMV also changed their procedures. They now instruct officers to write
the word ``NONE'' on the unplated parking tickets.

Wonder who's gonna get those tickets now?

Rebus Puzzles

A rebus is a puzzle in which words are represented by combinations of pictures and individual letters.

Rebus Puzzles

Rebus Puzzles 2

Review the Numbers They will be on the final!!!!!

The Big Numbers Song

Be careful with the bigger numbers they are not the same in Spanish.